What are home usage advantages of Dewalt DCF885C2 Impact Drivers?

By | May 6, 2016

It is important to note that DCF885C2 impact driver is very difficult to evaluate. However, through certain tricks, it generates little hints about its working. This impact driver always looks the same. Apparently, due to the lack of motor power, its hammer gear involves after just some threads of fastening disappear under the surface. Moreover, from this point motor pushes the fastener into the material without altering the manner it looks. Apart from this, installing only 1’ bolt is the same as installing a large screw.

The DCF885C2 impact driver is also considered as a very loud device due to continuously functional hammer gear. However, its volume can never touch an ear unbearable level; still it is quite hard to operate this impact driver silently. It is advisable to go for another impact driver especially if you are working never the residential area.

Moreover, top end force is remarkable for a very small tool. This impact driver has no problem in installing 3” bolts into the building grade wood. Furthermore, the user keeps control during the entire process and you feel a very little arm tiredness. It is important to mention that DCF885C2 impact driver gives a complete size impact driver performance on per fastening basis.

It order to perform the larger jobs, you need a limited force and speed of the motor. Although, this impact driver will easily get its job done, but it takes much time as compared to the full-size impact driver. Moreover, if we compare this impact driver from all the other impact drivers of this category, then always remember that it will take more time in order to drive the single 3” bolt.

However, one of the basic advantages of the DCF885C2 impact driver is its very small size. Cupboard installers in general will rapidly notice that how controllable and sturdy this impact driver is in very tight places. Moreover, in this situation, this impact driver will easily get to the bolt head much rapidly as compared to the full-size impact driver. The total time it utilizes in order to accomplish the full kitchen install lessens.

Beside this, durability on the full battery incredibly goes with the impact driver’s anticipated usage range. Users can easily see an end of kitchen fix on a single charge however; the impact driver will leave some areas into subfloor fixing. One of the major drawbacks is that you cannot check when the battery will be ended as it contains no battery device. However, thanks to the small size of the battery, as charger can restore the dead battery to full charge battery within twenty minutes. Furthermore, the handle and gear box of DCF885C2 impact driver can heat up noticeably under very heavy load. According to manufacturers, in one of the durability test DCF885C2 impact driver endured two batteries, which are worth of the constant use however, it becomes quite apparent that this impact driver is not suitable for this kind of work. Moreover, the leisurely nature of work collectively with an awkward warm hold highly recommends that this impact driver is not designed for constant use.

Tricks for Battery System of the Dewalt DCF885C2

It is important to note that the ranges of the tools, which are well matched with the Dewalt DCF885C2 battery, are very inadequate. Some tools are still there but are of equally very high quality. Moreover, all these tools share the basic design rule of being nimble though still giving an expert level of the performance.


Overall, it can say that this impact driver is a perfect utility driver. Dewalt DCF885C2 gives an ideal performance if tips and tricks are properly applied. Moreover, its solid design and low weight are making it very nimble all around the work site. Cupboard installers in actual must notice the ability of this impact driver as it can drive the fasteners in very tight places with composure and control.

Beside this, it depends on the hammer gear in order create the desired power which is important for driving the bolts. The gears involve almost quickly while driving the bolt reducing the time of the process and generating a racket. Always remember that this impact driver is not good for the big projects. Furthermore, new and improved brushless devices have now left behind this impact driver with respect to the performance. However, Dewalt DCF885C2 is very good impact driver, which can easily perform pretty well in the correct situation using certain tips as mentioned above.

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