Top Trending Plumbing Myths That You Should Avoid

By | December 16, 2015

The process of plumbing involves three basic laws of nature; pressure, gravity and water seeking its level. Besides, your plumbing system has two separate subsystems thus one system takes waste water out, and the other system brings in fresh water. However, there are more to plumbing than just following the nature’s basic laws and codes. That said everybody must have heard about the ‘conventional wisdom’ and plumbing myths that seem to have been passed from one age group to another.

Are Plumbing myths true?

Many myths have been in existence for several years. There are those that believe that if you swallow a chewing gum, it will stay in your stomach for eight years. That can simply be described as an irony. The following are five common myths about plumbing that you should know.

MYTH: Putting several pieces of lemon in the garbage helps to make it fresh: Yes, lemon might help to eliminate the bad odor and make your kitchen smell fresh.

TRUTH: the actual truth is that lemon has citric acid. The acid tends to corrode with metal components at your disposal. Avoid putting citric fruits such as limes or oranges on your plumbing pipe. The fact is that you should use ice and running tap water that helps to neutralize the bad odors in the drainage channel.


MYTH:  Running water while using the disposal will help to flush out the water smoothly through the drainage system. The waste in your disposal will not make the water run smoothly while using it.

TRUTH: Running water while using the drainage piping systems will make you use a lot of water. This way, the inlet subsystem and outlet subsystem will make the water run smoothly. The best way to do this is by pouring out hot water into the disposal thus helping to melt away the solid food and oil leftovers.

MYTH Use faucets and soapy water to make your drainage system look clean. Soapy water is not a great idea of washing the bathroom drainage systems.

TRUTH: By using water and soap on your faucets, the process can cause severe peeling and corrosion thus damaging the metal. Don’t forget to wipe off your sink and other drainage systems with a dry cloth.


Some Marketing Plumbing Myths

MYTH If the drain is flowing down the water smoothly, then everything is okay.

TRUTH: Sometimes food particles tend to slip down thus blocking the drain line. You can be misleading by the water that continuously flows in your drainage system. Once water has added some foods such as rice and pasta can get bigger in size. The bloating can cause clogged pipes. Maintain and clean your sink and drainage system as desired.

MYTH Your Plumber is the same as your handyman

TRUTH: A handyman will never be the same as a plumber. Therefore, you should look for a certified plumber who keeps up with current changes in the plumbing industry. It is advisable to use better business bureau so as to ensure that your plumber is highly qualified.

MYTH: Expensive plumbing material that is invisible. Don’t install cheap plumbing equipment in your home since they can cause sewer gas emissions.

MYTH: The tighter you turn the tap handle, the better.

TRUTH: Unfortunately, the answer is wrong. You should avoid tightening your tap more often since it can damage the tap thus increasing the chances of leaks.

MYTH: Hot water cylinder is about to explode-It is making banging noises.

TRUTH: The main reason as to why water cylinders make such noise is because sediments have built up within. The sediments are made of minerals thus; they tend to sink up to the bottom of the cylinder. The whole process is what makes it produce some popping sound.


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