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How to Install a Sump Pump

In old homes where there is a problem of basement water logging or flooding the sump pumps can come in handy. Installing a sump pump is easy if you go step by step and follow the steps mentioned in this article. Basically consists of finding the exact place and source of problem, perfectly digging the place to make a sump, installing the pump in the sump.

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  1. Finding the problem

During a rain you may check your basement mostly the water problems are the result of poor drainage system. Before you start to repair your basement make sure the gutters are not clogged with leaves and debris so that the water is flowing easily through them.

  1. Location for sump

Make sure that the basement is not built with hard concrete as you will have to dig a sump. So you may find a suitable location for the sump where you can dig as it needs to be connected with a pipe which can take the water out from your house. Trace the outline of the sump on the floor.

  1. Digging

To do this first you will have to dig the concrete floor so for this you may rent in a jackhammer or may use big sledgehammer to do the task. To make it easier you may make holes alternatively over the trace lining of the sump and then hammer it away part by part and it will be easier. If your floor has steel cables or reinforced iron then use metal cutter to get rid of them. You will at least need to dig the sump for 12-14 cms deeper than the lining.