Best Combo Sump Pump Models

By | December 16, 2015

Sump pumps are mostly found in basements of our home. They are typically used to eliminate water that accumulates in a collection of sump pump water basin. A combination sump pump has an additional feature; a battery backup sump pumps on top of the primary sump pump. For effective function, the best sump pump combo is a must have in every basement.


There are several reasons why a combo pump is preferable, take a look:

Weather changes: In such events like flash floods may result to excess water that a primary pump cannot hold hence the need for the best sump pump combo.

Power failure: It necessitates the need for a combo sump pump since it has a backup battery.

There are many combo sumps pumps in the market today, and more are coming up due to their increased in demand. Below are some of the best combo pumps that are available in the market.

Wayne WSS30V

  • It is one of the best pumps on the market.
  • It has a motor that is oil filled and thermally protected to protect it from overheating. This feature enhances the durability of the motor.
  • It also has a top section design that filters debris, hence minimizing clogging. Due to its thermoplastic construction, it is a corrosion resistant.
  • It has a reed float switch that enhances a reliable automatic operation. It goes for $355 in the market.

Pro Series PS-C33

  • This combo sump pump provides primary and backup pumping capabilities.
  • It has a monitoring system that sounds an alarm on detecting any irregularities and easily identifies problems.
  • It maintains the battery and has an automated charging system. It also has terminals that can be connected to a security system. This pump goes for a reduced price of $699.


Zoeller ProPack53

  • On purchase, this combo pump comes fully assembled and ready to install.
  • The pump life is extended due to its engineered thermoplastic base.
  • It is hermetically sealed, and oil filled to prevent overheating.
  • Its durability is enhanced further by its non-corrosive design.
  • It is efficient since it pumps 2340 gallons per hour. All the important information about this pump e.g. Voltage is displayed, making it easy for the user to operate. This pump has a 3-year warranty and is sold at $493.

Liberty Pumps PC257-441

  • It is a pre- assembled on the purchase.
  • It has a vertical float switch that is magnetically operated, and easy to use.
  • Its construction is thermoplastic and corrosion resistant to increasing its durability.
  • It has an excellent charging system that outperforms chargers in many backup systems.
  • This combo pump ranges from $472.5 in the market.






NexPump Average-ani

  • It is the only pump that has unique artificial intelligence.
  • It is microprocessor controlled and has an intelligence design for decision making.
  • It has an internet notification that makes it very reliable since it can be alerted by emails, phone calls, and text messages.
  • It also allows remote connection to check status.
  • It has dual sensors that provide a high water alert. It also has a user-friendly LCD that provides easy to read status as well as displaying error messages for easy diagnosing.
  • It has an audible alarm that enables the user to know when there is a problem.
  • It has a high-tech charger that enables the user to know the battery life during power outages. With all its amazing features it goes for $ 1619.

In additions to the basics, the above are the best combo sump pump models in the market today. Each has its unique features hence covering all the user needs. They provide a wide variety from which you can choose one that you find favorable.





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