6 creative uses for your bandsaw

By | June 1, 2016

The band saw can become a changer of game for woodworkers. Used skillfully, then quality saws will enable you to utilize wood to its maximum potential and extremely expand the creativity of yours. I consider the bandsaw of my own to be 1 of the best tools sitting in the shop of mine, and it’s certainly my favorite machine for woodworking.This article will get you through the high value of bandsaws, but I want to first discard some misconceptions.

Utilize a bandsaw

For woodworkers who are gradually gaining the major woodshop machine, bandsawsare often considered as a low quality one. Instead, I highly recommend the band saw to be your first machine to get to your shop. As you would see, its importance and versatility in expanding the range of yours as a nice woodworker are unbeatable by any machines.


When purchasing a bandsaw, go for quality and capacity within the reach of your budget. A good bandsaw for small shops would be along with the steel frame fourteen-inches or sixteen-inches (wheel diameter) bandsaw with twelve-inches of the cutting height as well as a enough motor to perfume such cuts. Do not skimp; put your priority on good quality bandsaw and don’t buy other machines. Or a recommended one by myself may be the one skil band saw

Finally, please don’t suppose that band saws are just big saws to cut shapes and curves in ¾ inch wood. Though it could do that job, there’s so much potential in the machine.

1. Resaw

This job means sawing boards along the width of it, like cutting long rolls to open for the sub sandwich.

There will be two pieces produced with “bookmatched” inner face, separating them may be like opening books. These could be used to create great effect as panels in cabinet doors that are side-by-side. A similar skillcould also be utilized to make boxes in which figures seem to continuously run around the whole perimeter.

Besides resawingcould also be utilized to simply create thinner pieces from the thicker board. This will free you from utilizing stock thickness lumbers, make economical usage of wood, and create pieces with proper color.

2. Reset the board edge

Instead of accepting the brad edge as it just comes from mills, it’s often better for you to cut the edge one more time in order to elegantly align its figure along the length of it. An example could be preparing some boards for the job of gluing up to a tabletop that you want that figure to be suitable for the boards.


You can simply snap chalk lines in the position you preferand then saw freehand with your bandsaw. This work and any breakdown cuts into the rough lumber will be far easier and safer using the bandsaw than any concocting special jig at table saws.

3. Reset the board face

Here you will take farther control of figure and grain to maximize the effects I n pieces.Table legs often look best, particular when they’re shaped with the curve, when annual rings ends grain the pattern is oriented about forty degrees to every face, which will produce 4 faces with the similar figure. Squares laid out onto end grains of the 12/4 board will present how it could be sawed in order to produce the leg blank with this kind of orientation.

Another example that may be more sophisticated, includes maximizing ray figures in particular species by just sawing to make the board face reoriented to annual rings. Bandsaws excel at this kind of sawing that can enhanceyour work quality beyond your expectation.

4. Make veneer

It is true that working with the thick veneer could open up lots of fresh design possibilities. Boardsare sawed into some thin slices that then could be utilized as anappropriate set in one piece, like for a drawer set with curved doorsor front faces. This’s a nice method to maximize uses of exceptional and highly figured boards, and add the refined look for your work. The bandsaw finishes this and no other tools can.


5. Make the bent lamination

Bandsaws are the best tool in a practical perspective to saw thin laminates which compose bent laminations that is another skill that can expand the design possibilities of yours greatly. Like thick veneer, laminates will be sawed successively from thick boards as is done to produce ash laminates, which would be glued against a certain form to create curved furniture parts.

6. Process the small log

The bandsaw could be utilized as a small mill to treat small logs, like those things that come from the backyard. This could be an exciting and fun way to reveal some of treasures of the nature.


Hopefully all of these insights on the uses of band saws will help.

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